Sr Financial Analyst-Accntng

Posting Note: **The organization has several active bond issues and maintains 3 credit ratings. The focus for this position will be to deliver necessary financial reporting to bondholders and rating agencies and will be a member of the financing work group for future bond issues. In addition, this position will work closely with the VP of Finance on the planning and reporting of supplemental funding throughout the year.**

This position uses professional knowledge and experience to conduct and coordinate a variety of complex financial analysis projects, special studies and financial projections of financial transactions to assist management with forecasting revenue streams related to various contractual arrangements to ensure continued achievement of financial objectives.

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Sr Financial Analyst-Dec Supp

This position conducts and coordinates a variety of complex financial analysis projects, special studies, and statistical comparisons of actual against identified performance metrics and budget parameters to assist management identify areas of opportunity to ensure achievement of established financial and operational objectives.

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Strategic Planning Analyst

This position will primarily support the Leadership within the Strategy & Business Development Department in the day-to-day activities required in all areas of strategic planning & business development relative to developing, directing and communicating business and strategic plans to benefit new or expanded clinical, advocacy, research, education, foundation and business opportunities. It facilitates the development and maintenance of data collection, analysis, and reporting of internal PCH data and external market and environmental data to assist leadership in making sound business decisions.

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