Orthodontic Assistant


Position Details

Department: PCMG-MAIN | Cleft and Craniofacial Center
Category: Patient Care Svcs(Tech & Asst)
Location: Phoenix
Posting #: 796656
Employee Type: Regular

Position Summary

This position works under the direction of a licensed health care professional and performs various clinical and administrative tasks for the assigned area. Under the direction of the Orthodontist, the Orthodontic Assistant provides chair side assistance to the Orthodontist and perform various orthodontic procedures such as wire changes, placing separators and bands, reties and c-chains; taking alginate impressions; and exposing and developing oral x-rays. The Orthodontic Assistant demonstrates proficiency with sterilizing instruments and maintaining appropriate infection control.

Position Duties

  1. Performs daily chair procedures as directed by the Orthodontist including but not limited to:
    • a. Performs wire changes, reties, steel ties, c-chains, and other orthodontic functions.
    • b.Place separators and fit bands in preparation for fabrication of appliances.
    • c.Fit, fabricate and deliver retraction and protraction headgear and understands the indications.
    • d.Understands the fundamentals of bonding and bracket placement.
    • e.Takes alginate impressions and pours diagnostic quality models.
    • i.Trims, labels and files study models after provider review.
    • f.Duplicates and fabricates baby trays, fabricates nasal stints and records lab cases in logbook.
    • g.Exposes and develops oral radiographs according to policy and downloads information monthly to database.
    • h.Takes intraoral and extraoral photographs and catalogues and backs up photos.
    • i.Assembles and maintains full set of orthodontic records in electronic medical record and according to policy.
    • j.Assists with obtaining of insurance authorizations by providing additional information on denials and verifying authorizations for accuracy as needed.
  2. Assists with treatment duties at the direction of the Orthodontist including but not limited to:
    • a.Participates in completion of treatment plan by removing braces and bands as indicated.
    • b.Cleanses the supragingival surface of the tooth in preparation for:
    • Placement of bands, crowns, and restorations
    • Dental dam application
    • Acid etch procedures; and
    • Removal of dressings and packs
    • c.Removes excess cement from inlays, crowns, bridges, and orthodontic appliances with hand instruments.
    • d.Removes temporary cement, interim restorations, and periodontal dressings with hand instruments.
    • e.Reviews patient responsibility and home care by instructing patients in oral hygiene techniques, preventive procedures, dietary counseling for caries and plaque control, and providing pre-and post-operative instructions relative to specific office treatment.
    • f.Participates in additional dental treatments within the Orthodontic Assistant scope when indicated such as applying sealants and fluoride treatments under Orthodontist supervision.
  3. Demonstrates proficiency with sterilizing of instruments and infection control
    • a. Demonstrates infection control standards related to hand washing and standard precautions between all patient-related activities.
    • b.Prepares instruments and materials; cleans/sterilizes and maintains functioning instruments and equipment, prepares inventory on equipment and dental supplies.
    • c.Keeps orthodontic supplies stocked and monitors for outdated supplies.
  4. Performs miscellaneous job related duties as requested.

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Position Qualifications

Please review the following qualifications and specify whether you meet each of the requirements listed.
Do you meet this requirement?
1. High School Diploma or equivalent.
Do you meet this requirement?
1. Minimum of four years orthodontic assistant experience.
Certifications / Licenses / Registries
Do you meet this requirement?
1. Arizona Radiology Proficiency Certificate from Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners (DANB).
2. Current BLS certification from the American Heart Association.
Physical Requirements & Occupational Exposure/Risk Potential
1. Physical Requirement - Climbing - Occasionally
2. Physical Requirement - Feeling (sensing textures and temperatures) - Frequently
3. Physical Requirement - Fine Motor Skills (pinching, gripping, etc) - Frequently
4. Physical Requirement - Hearing - Constantly
5. Physical Requirement - Pushing/pulling - Frequently
6. Physical Requirement - Reaching - Frequently
7. Physical Requirement - Sitting - Frequently
8. Physical Requirement - Standing - Constantly
9. Physical Requirement - Stooping/crouching/kneeling/crawling - Frequently
10. Physical Requirement - Talking - Constantly
11. Physical Requirement - Tasting/smelling - Frequently
12. Physical Requirement - Walking - Constantly
13. Physical Requirement - Near Vision - Constantly
14. Physical Requirement - Far Vision - Constantly
15. Physical Requirement - Color Discrimination - Frequently
16. Physical Requirement - Use of keyboard, mouse and/or computer equipment - Constantly
17. Physical Requirement - Lift up to 35 pounds without assistance - Frequently
18. Physical Requirement - Lift more than 35 pounds without assistance - Frequently
19. Occupational Exposure/Risk Potential - Inside office environment - Applicable
20. Occupational Exposure/Risk Potential - Outdoor weather conditions - Applicable
21. Occupational Exposure/Risk Potential - Extreme temperatures - Applicable
22. Occupational Exposure/Risk Potential - Confined areas - Applicable
23. Occupational Exposure/Risk Potential - High places - Applicable
24. Occupational Exposure/Risk Potential - Extreme noise levels - Applicable
25. Occupational Exposure/Risk Potential - Airborne communicable diseases - Applicable
26. Occupational Exposure/Risk Potential - Bloodborne pathogens or bodily fluid - Applicable
27. Occupational Exposure/Risk Potential - Fumes or airborne particles - Applicable
28. Occupational Exposure/Risk Potential - Hazardous materials exposure - Applicable
29. Occupational Exposure/Risk Potential - Radiation exposure - Applicable
30. Occupational Exposure/Risk Potential - Toxic or caustic chemicals - Applicable
I have reviewed the qualifications, physical requirements and occupational exposure/risk potential for this position and wish to apply