Position Details

Department: Otolaryngology
Category: Physician/Div Chief/Med Dir
Location: Phoenix
Posting #: 324009
Date Posted: 1/29/2017
Employee Type: Regular

Position Summary

As Division Chief, Physician shall provide administrative and financial leadership of the medical Division, and define and implement the educational, research/scholarly and clinical service missions of PCH, the Division and the Department. Physician will lead the division in developing and maintaining initiatives and programs consistent with PCH’s mission and strategic plan, and will act as a key liaison between the Division and PCH executive management. Physician shall also provide the patient care services for which he/she is clinically privileged.

PCH Values

  • Family-Centered care that focuses on the need of the child first and values the family as an important member of the care team
  • Excellence in clinical care, service and communication
  • Collaborative within our institution and with others who share our mission and goals
  • Leadership that set the standard for pediatric health care today and innovations of the future
  • Accountability to our patients, community and each other for providing the best in the most cost-effective way.

Position Duties

  1. Physician shall engage in various leadership activities, including but not limited to:
    • a. Creating a positive work environment for the Division.
    • b. Serving as a role model for effective communication.
    • c. Establishing an environment that encourages communication at all levels within the Division, with administrative staff and leadership, and at all levels throughout the hospital and health system.
    • d. Establishing a system for ensuring that information is transmitted in a timely manner to all faculty and staff.
    • e. Understanding the local and national forces shaping healthcare in the United States and how these forces may influence the future of the discipline.
    • f. Identifying opportunities for growth of the Division’s clinical, research, and educational programs.
    • g. Developing Division-specific research, educational, and clinical goals and monitoring the Division’s progress in achieving these goals.
    • h. Supporting the overall clinical integration and population health efforts of the hospital, health system and PCH’s community partners in the Phoenix Children’s Care Network (“PCCN” – a clinically integrated network (“CIN”)).
    • i. Representing PCH in the medical and business communities and before the general public in a professional manner.
    • j. Collaborating with PCH senior management in the planning and development of new programs and services sponsored by the hospital.
  2. Physician shall provide certain administrative functions as Division Chief, including but not limited to:
    • Advancing organizational goals through the establishment of effective management and performance systems.
    • b. Submitting to the Physician or Surgeon in Chief and Chief Operating Officer, PCMG an annual report on the Division. This report should summarize the Division activities in the area of research, education, and patient care, as well as notable awards and accomplishments of divisional faculty and staff.
    • c. Regularly attending and conducting meetings with all Division personnel (clinical and administrative), as well as attending divisional chief and faculty meetings.
    • d. Conducting meetings, as required, to review and analyze on a peer group basis the clinical work of the Division.
    • e. Conducting regular Division meetings on a schedule that maximizes attendance.
    • f. Maintaining continuing review of the professional performance of all practitioners and allied health professionals with clinical privileges in the Division and reporting regularly thereon through the appropriate medical staff structure.
    • g. Hiring, evaluating, counseling, and terminating the employed professional staff of the Division. Completing annual goals and objectives for the Division and individuals and performance evaluation on Division and professional staff.
    • h. Developing clinical policies and procedures for the Division that promote quality patient care, and provide for efficient and cost effective utilization of clinical resources.
    • i. Participating in health system, hospital, medical school, or department committees as requested or appropriate.
    • j. Leading and participating in quality assurance and performance improvement activities for the Division, department, and hospital.
    • k. Communicating appropriate information from the department, medical school, and hospital to Division personnel in a timely and regular manner.
    • l. Interacting with and responding to requests from administrative departments (e.g., PCMG ambulatory operations, marketing, finance) in a timely manner.
    • m. Overseeing the credentialing process for practitioners with clinical privileges in the Division and for allied health professionals who render patient care in the Division.
    • n. Actively participating in departmental fundraising activities.
    • o. Strategically planning for effective Division resource procurement and allocation.
    • p. Advocating for staff and patients of the Division.
    • q. Addressing complaints regarding the Division with the department chair.
    • r. Other administrative functions as requested by PCH.
  3. Physician shall provide financial oversight and leadership for the Division, including but not limited to:
    • a. Developing a divisional budget approved by the Physician or Surgeon in Chief and Chief Operating Officer, Phoenix Children’s Medical Group (“PCMG”).
    • b. Monitoring the financial status of the Division on an ongoing basis to maintain fiscal responsibility and to protect the assets of the organization, and developing corrective action plans to address deficit situations.
    • c. Evaluating and establishing clinical productivity standards for all clinical faculty and staff in the Division.
    • d. Comparing Division and faculty productivity to appropriate benchmarks and formulating plans to maximize clinical productivity as appropriate.
    • e. Ensuring Divisional faculty compliance with clinical practice billing and documentation rules and regulations.
  4. Physician shall engage in academic activities, including but not limited to:
    • a. Recruiting new faculty and staff to fulfill the Division’s goals and responsibilities.
    • b. Developing a strategy to retain and develop the academic skills of existing faculty.
    • c. Developing an individual faculty development plan for each faculty member of the Division that outlines goals and expectations (clinical, research, and education).
    • d. Conducting an annual performance review with each Division faculty member, including written feedback regarding expectations/goals from the individual faculty development plan.
    • e. Identifying appropriate mentors for junior faculty in the Division in the areas of research, education, and clinical function of the Division/department.
    • f. Monitoring the academic progress of divisional faculty and fellows.
  5. Physician shall oversee clinical and patient care services, including but not limited to:
    • a. Overseeing the delivery of clinical care provided throughout the Division and ensuring that the quality of care delivered meets accepted standards.
    • b. Ensuring that patient access is maximized for the Division and that patient satisfaction scores for the Division and the individual faculty are within acceptable standards as defined by the hospital Board of Directors, PCMG ambulatory support services, and the division.
    • c. Coordinating and ensuring compliance and Division activity related to all external regulatory agencies including but not limited to the Joint Commission.
    • d. Ensuring the maintenance of on-call and ambulatory schedules.
    • e. Ensuring that the divisional faculty and staff maintain positive working relationships and contact with referring physicians.
    • f. Ensuring compliance with appropriate medical record documentation and timely and accurate submission of charges for clinical services by all faculty.
  6. Physician shall engage in educational activities, including but not limited to:
    • a. Coordinating at least one annual grand rounds presentation for the Division.
    • b. Participating when requested by the chief residents in departmental teaching conferences for residents and medical students.
    • c. Ensuring that Division faculty is similarly responsive to these requests.
    • d. Participating in resident and medical student education and ensuring divisional faculty participation and compliance with Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education and Liaison Committee on Medical Education training requirements, to ensure successful program continuation.
    • e. Collaborating with PCH Graduate Medical Education to plan and implement undergraduate medical education programs within the Division
    • f. If applicable, maintaining a fully accredited fellowship program which is approved by the Residency Review Committee of the Accreditation Committee on Graduate Medical Education of the American Medical Association.
  7. Physician shall engage in research activities, including but not limited to:
    • a. Developing a creative divisional research plan integrating clinical, translational, basic science, and health services research opportunities.
    • b. Recruiting faculty whose talents and research interests are consistent with the overall divisional/departmental research program.
    • c. Encouraging cross-divisional and departmental research and training collaborations.
    • d. Maximizing utilization of divisional research space and resources.
    • e. Monitoring progress of divisional investigators.
    • f. Developing a plan to deal with gaps in research funding for investigators, as well as a plan for shortfalls in research funding for funded investigators.
  8. Physician shall provide patient care
    • a. Providing direct patient care services on an inpatient and outpatient basis.
    • b. Providing subspecialty consultations and follow-up.
    • c. Providing diagnostic and therapeutic services/procedures.
    • d. Providing appropriate attending on-call coverage of emergencies
  9. Physician shall support the medical education programs and activities of the Division, including but not limited to:
    • a. Provide direct supervision of medical students, residents fellows and allied health care professionals for the delivery of inpatient and outpatient services.
    • b. Conduct teaching rounds, lectures and conferences for medical students, residents and fellows.
    • c. Participate in the postgraduate continuing education activities of the division.
    • d. Participate in the teaching and supervision of allied health care professionals assigned to the division.
    • e. Support the scholarly activity of the division through contributions to the medical literature.
  10. Performs miscellaneous job related duties as requested.

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Position Qualifications

Please review the following qualifications and specify whether you meet each of the requirements listed.
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1. MD or DO degree Required
2. MBA, MPH or MHA degree, or equivalent Preferred
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1. Previous leadership of a division or program with successful development of clinical, educational, and/or research programs. Required
2. Academic and/or leadership accomplishments that would qualify candidate for Associate Professor or higher level at most US medical schools. Required
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1. Current Arizona License to Practice Medicine or the ability to obtain prior to start date. Required
2. Board certified in the appropriate specialty. Preferred
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Special Skills
1. The ability to move freely from facility to facility, as well as, the ability to move freely throughout facilities and examine patients. Required
2. The ability to communicate by telephone, computer or other communication devices. Required
3. The ability to perform after hours or night call responsibilities as needed. Required
4. The ability to work regularly scheduled work hours. Required
5. The ability to work well under pressure. Required
Physical Requirements & Occupational Exposure/Risk Potential
1. Physical Requirement - Feeling (sensing textures and temperatures) Frequently
2. Physical Requirement - Fine Motor Skills (pinching, gripping, etc) Frequently
3. Physical Requirement - Hearing Frequently
4. Physical Requirement - Pushing/pulling Occasionally
5. Physical Requirement - Reaching Occasionally
6. Physical Requirement - Sitting Frequently
7. Physical Requirement - Standing Frequently
8. Physical Requirement - Stooping/crouching/kneeling/crawling Occasionally
9. Physical Requirement - Talking Constantly
10. Physical Requirement - Tasting/smelling Occasionally
11. Physical Requirement - Walking Frequently
12. Physical Requirement - Near Vision Frequently
13. Physical Requirement - Far Vision Frequently
14. Physical Requirement - Color Discrimination Frequently
15. Physical Requirement - Use of keyboard, mouse and/or computer equipment Frequently
16. Physical Requirement - Lift up to 35 pounds without assistance Occasionally
17. Physical Requirement - Lift more than 35 pounds without assistance Occasionally
18. Occupational Exposure/Risk Potential - Inside office environment Applicable
19. Occupational Exposure/Risk Potential - Airborne communicable diseases Applicable
20. Occupational Exposure/Risk Potential - Bloodborne pathogens or bodily fluid Applicable
21. Occupational Exposure/Risk Potential - Fumes or airborne particles Applicable
22. Occupational Exposure/Risk Potential - Hazardous materials exposure Applicable
23. Occupational Exposure/Risk Potential - Radiation exposure Applicable
24. Occupational Exposure/Risk Potential - Toxic or caustic chemicals Applicable
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